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Majors Teaching Staff Main Subject
Undergraduate School Graduate School
Political Philosophy Park, Hyo chong Democracy Discourse(1)
People and virtue(2)
Nation and Ethics(3)
Nation and Justice(4)
Education Discourse for Political Thoughts(4)
Society and Justice
Special Lectures for Nation and Ethis
Democracy and Public Ethis
Social Justice and Public Choices
Western Philosophy and Ethics Park, Chan goo Introduction to Modern Ethics(1)
Social Ethics(2)
Culture and Ethics(2)
Philosophical Anthropology(3)
History of the Western Ethical Thoughts(3)
Life and Ethics(4)
Modern Ethics Practice
Special Lectures fot Anthropology
Western Ethical Thought Practice
Social Ethics Studies
Axiology Studies
Applied Ethics Studies
Social Ontology
Oriental Philosophy and Ethics Kim, Paul Byeing hwan Oriental Ethical Thoughts(2)
Introduction to Koean Ethics(2)
Koean Ethical Thoughts(3)
Oriental Human Nature Studies and Cosmology(3)
Ethical Thoughts of Neo-Confucianism(4)
Oriental Classic Reading(4)
Studies of Koean Thought History
Oriental Ethics Studies
Studies of Ethical Thoughts of Neo-Confucianism
East-West Comparative Ethics
Special Studies of Oriental Ethical Thoughts
Studies of Modern Chinese Ethical Thoughts
Curriculum Education for Morals and Ethics Jeong, Chang woo Curriculum Education for Morals and Ethics(2)
Morality Development Theory(3)
Education Discourse for Morals and Values(3)
Curriculum Teaching for Morals and Ethics and Evaluation Theory(4)
Curriculum and Teaching Material Theory for Morals and Ethics(4)
Educational Methodology for Morals and Ethics
Studies of Modern Ehical Education and Theories
Community Education Studies
Morality Development Studies
Comparative Studies of the Actual State of Asia-Pacific Regional Ethical Education Studies of Curriculum Education for Morals and Ethics
Global Ethics Unification Education Park, Sung choon Theories of Unification Education
Research on Unification Issues
International Affairs & Ethics
Multicultural and Global Ethics
Study of South & North Koean Society
Unification Education : Research on Society and Culture in North Koea
Research on National Securtiy and Unification
Unification Education : Research on Politics and Economy in North Koea
Research on Unification Education
Research on Global Ethics
Inter-Korean Relations
Common curriculum Ethical Issues of Modern Society(3)
Ethics and Discussions(4)