Undergraduate Curriculums

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Common Subjects at College of Education

Subjects for
More than 36 credits
More than 60 credits (More than 52 credits for double majors)
- More than 51 credits for Curriculums
- More than 9 credits for Curriculums Education (Morality Development Theory / Curriculum Teaching for Morals
  and Ethics and Evaluation Theory / Curriculum and Teaching Material Theory for Morals and Ethics)
- Number of Graduation Credits for the Students with the University Entrance before 1993 : 140 Credits
- Number of Graduation Credits for the Students with the University Entrance in 1994 and 1995 : 150 Credits
- Number of Graduation Credits at Undergraduate School for the Students with the University Entrance after 1996
  : 130 Credits (The students who enterd the university before 1995 but graduate after 1999 due to school register
  adjustment need to complete 130 credits), This regulation is applied to the graduates after 2000.

Teaching Subjects

More than 14 credits
- Introduction to Pedagogy
- Educational Philosophy and Educational History
- Curriculums
- Educational Evalution
- Educational Method and Educational Engineering
- Educational Psychology
- Educational Society
- Educational Administration and Educational Management
More than 4 credits
- Volunteer Training : 2 credits
- Work practice teaching : 2 credits

Standar Completion Type

구분 1st Semester 2st Semester Note
1st Year 700.118           Democracy Discourse 700.133           Introduction to Modern Ethics  
2st Year 714.216           Democracy Discourse
714.316A        South-North Social Studies
714.322           Social Ethics
714.403           East-West Ethical Thoughts
714.208           Culture and Ethics
714.213           Introduction to Koean Thoughts
714.217A        Curriculum Education for Morals and

714.336           Unification Studies
714.337           Multiculturalism and International Ethics
3st Year 714.201           Philosophical Anthropology
714.319A        Koean Ethical Thoughts
714.325           Education Discourse for Morals
                         and Values
714.338           National Securtiy Studies
714.218A        International Problems and Ethics
714.220A        Ethical Issues in the Modern Society
714.306*         Nation and Ethics
714.323           History of Western Ethical Thoughts
714.333           Morality Development Theory
714.334           Oriental Human Nature Studies and
4st Year 714.417A        Life and Ethics
714.423A        Curriculum Teaching for Morals
                         and Ethics and Evaluation Theory

714.428           Nation and Justice
714.330           Unification Education Theory
714.335           Ethical Thoughts of Neo-Confucianism
714.414A        Education Discourse of Political Thoughts
714.424A        Oriental Classic Reading
714.427A        Curriculum and Teaching Material
                         Theory for Morals and Ethics
714.431           Ethics and Discussions

※ Red letters show compulsory subjects for majors.