Graduate Curriculums

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Principles of Graduate-School Programs

  • Students can not apply more than 12 credits a semester.
    - Recommendations : Within 12 credits for full-time students, Within 9 credits for students with jobs.
  • Students must apply for more than one lecture in ant major field other than their own specific majors.
    - The test for the qualification of submitting a thesis provides one problem from each of the five major fields.
      Therefore, students must take at least more than one subject for each of the professors in charge of majors.
  • Completed Credits : 24 credits for the master's course, 36 credits for the Ph.D course. (60 credits including the master's course)
  • Students can take up to 6 credits regarding the subjects of other graduate schools, which are not related to their own majors,
    as their own major credits by receiving approvals from teir academic advisors and deans.
  • In case of credits for graduate-school thesis studies, students can take up to 3 credits for the master's course and 6 credits for the Ph.D course. (including 3 credits for the master's course)
    - Students must take the lectures of their academic advisors regarding their thesis studies in the third and fourth semesters.
  • They must receive an inspection for their completion of the course at the dean's office before taking the last semester.

Graduate-School Curriculums

Subject Numbers Subject Titles
714.507 Seminar in Contemporary Ethics 3-3-0
714.515 Topics in Philosophical Anthoropology 3-3-0
714.520 Seminar in Western Ethical Thoughts 3-3-0
714.523 Society and Justice 3-3-0
714.525A Studies in Social Ethics 3-3-0
714.527 Studies in Oriental Ethics 3-3-0
714.531 Teaching Methods of Moral Education Theories 3-3-0
714.533 Studies in Oriental Ethics 3-3-0
714.534A Studies on Contemporary Moral Education Theories 3-3-0
714.538 Issues and Problems of the State and Ethics 3-3-0
714.539A Studies in Community Education 3-3-0
714.543 Studies in Moral Development 3-3-0
714.544 Studies in Neo - Confucian Ethical Thoughts 3-3-0
714.550 Unification Education : Research on Politics and Economy in North Korea 3-3-0
714.551 Research on National Security and Unification 3-3-0
714.552 Unification Education : Research on Politics and Economy in North Korea 3-3-0
714.553 Research on National Security and Unification 3-3-0
714.554 Research on Global Ethics 3-3-0
714.555 다문화교육과 통일교육 (Multicultural Education and Unification Education) 3-3-0
714.602A Comparative Studies in Civic and Ethics Education in Asia - Pacific Region 3-3-0
714.604 Democracy and Civic Ethics 3-3-0
714.606 Comparative Studies of Eastern and Western Ethics 3-3-0
714.725 Topics in Korean Thoughts 3-3-0
714.728 Social Justice and Public Choice 3-3-0
714.730 Studies in Axiology 3-3-0
714.731 Studies in Applied Ethis 3-3-0
714.736 Topics in Oriental Thoughts 3-3-0
714.737 Research in Subject Matter of Moral and Ethical Education 3-3-0
714.740 Inter - Korean Relations 3-3-0
714.741 Social Ontology 3-3-0
714.742 Seminar on Contemporary Chinese Ethical Thoughts 3-3-0
714.803A Dissertation Research 3-3-0