Undergraduate School

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  • High-school graduates (including potential graduates) or those who are given the status of high-school graduates according to a related law.
  • Applicants who are qualified for the application standard of our university regarding each field according to the national academic aptitude test(*Academic Aptitude Test*) and have enough scores for each standard unit of recruitment.

Selection Method

  • Students are selected based on their scores according to the screening principles established by our uinversity for each unit of recruitment.
  • In the first stage, applicants within the double range of the total number are selected. In the second stage, the final applicants are selected within the total number for each unit of recruitment.
  • When there are applicants with the same score in each stage of the recruiting procedure, the final applicants are selected vased on the standard separately established by our university for the management of applicants with the same score.
  • Even when ther are more or less aapplicants vased on the standard of recruitment, we are in the position of not selecting anyone who is considered to have difficulty in studying at our univesity.
  • When there are extra positions left due to unregistered applicants, additional applicants can be selected based on their scores.
  • Regarding the things which are not spcified in the guidance for recruitment, the separately-established screening principles are applied for selection.

※ Regarding the schedule and other specigic information for undergraduate courses, you can refer to "Entrance Information"
    of the homepage of Seoul National University (http://www.snu.ac.kr)